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This practice consists of dressing the individual with women's clothes or forcing him to do so, the mistress using whatever methods necessary to transform him into a slut, a maiden, a doll or any other female role he wants to play. 


The strongest sensations that the individual will experience will be of domination and humiliation.


Through vocabulary and gestures one can adjust the intensity of these sensations.

To carry out this process, I have makeup, masks, wigs, stockings, dresses, lingerie, shoes, boots, etc.


Once transformed into something feminine, the session will take place on the basis of what has been arranged.





The mistress must make the client believe that he is an animal thereby demonstrating that she is an excellent trainer.

Training is not an easy task and requires a skillful and wise mistress who is able to lead the person into a mental state that allows him to feel like an animal.

Thus through the orders of the mistress, the person will think and feel like an animal, he become the dog, the horse or the pig that he carries inside himself.

He will behave like a real dog, eating and drinking as a dog, sticking out his tongue and panting, rolling around on the ground, and letting him be walked with his collar.

The mistress may also take over the reins of the horse, putting on his saddle to be walked, giving him water or alfalfa, keeping him in the barn while she listens to him neigh and preparing his genitals for riding a mare.

The pig will also be in his sty.

With this practice the individual will feel dominated and humiliated.



Converting someone into furniture is an art, which requires great skill and concentration for both the mistress who practices as well as for the person who transforms.


The mistress creates a mental illusion to make him feel ignored, dominated and humiliated. Using her words and her body, the mistress will increase or decrease the degree of intensity of the sensations obtained.


Through the staging of this fantasy one can become a table, chair, carpet or lamp.



I can make a person feel like a baby or a small child. I can put a diaper on them that I will change as it becomes dirty from feces or urine.

I will clean their bottom and dust them well with talcum powder. I will spank them when they misbehave.

I can put them in their crib, tuck them in, give them their pacifier, bottle, food or whatever toy they may require.

I can take their temperature anally if necessary or I can take a semen sample to see if the baby is developing properly. 

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