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Capturing the psychology of the person who attends a session is paramount to making a good session. With some people it is easier than with others, although in the end I always succeed.


At the time of agreeing to a the session, it is easier if that person shows themself naturally, just as they are, and it is much more difficult when they attend with hidden and misleading agendas.


It is at the time of arranging the meeting when the mistress has to know how to interpret the gestures and reactions of the individual, to the practices that she performs, so she knows if she will have to increase or decrease their intensity.


Metaphorically speaking the psychology of the mistress is imposed during the entire session, and must invade the psychology of the submissive in order to dominate them.


The true domination of the mistress on the character that comes to the appointment, is never physical, it is always psychological, although she uses certain physical practices that help to give pleasure.



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