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This is used to constrain the genitals of the submissive in a session in order not to be able to reach orgasm.


Depriving a person of their arousal is a dominant act, which goes well beyond a mere sensory deprivation. It is an act that drills into the mind of the subject, subduing and humiliating him in front of his mistress.


The sensations that a person gets, are mainly of domination, humiliation, sensory deprivation, the mistress will be gradually increasing or decreasing the intensity of the sensations obtained through this practice using an appropriate vocabulary in the meeting, in addition to caressing and tickling their caged genitals.



A person can be humiliated in many ways, by giving him a slap, by swearing at him, but spitting in someone’s face is one of the most demeaning things there are, and at the same time that is derogatory it has a touch of the erotic and sensual.


Emotionally saliva is associated with both good feelings as well as racial slurs. What a mistress does with her saliva can give pleasure to the subject or humiliate him, depending on how she uses it.


It pleases me to denigrate and humiliate my submissive, spitting at them either in their mouths, forcing them to swallow my saliva, in their faces, or in any other part of the body filling them with slime. I assure you that I will not spill even a single drop on the floor, as I apply the punishment they deserve.


Properly used, saliva is a powerful tool, to dominate and humiliate anyone.


The mistress will have the mission of ranking, the intensity of the sensations obtained during the meeting, using its lexicon and the reflex actions of the subject.



This consists in throwing food on the ground and stepping on it then allowing the individual to eat it in order to humiliate him.


Stepping on food is an act of dominance by the mistress to humiliate her subject, but even more humiliating is to force him to eat it and then to clean the remains with his tongue.


The body language of the mistress and her vocabulary are fundamental to increase or decrease the intensity of the sensations obtained during the session.

Thus she transforms her servant into a more docile and useful being.

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