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The "violet wand" is one of my favorite toys that I use when the client is erect, causing tingling and prickling, a mixture of pain and pleasure, which can grow or subside.

I can use it on the penis, testicles, anus and nipples.


The main function of this toy, is to increase the level of excitement, and so as to achieve a longer and more intense orgasm.





With my electro-stimulator I can stimulate all of the pelvic muscles and sacral nerves. Using the appropriate settings, I can provoke unique and unequalled sensations of intense pleasure.


The secret is to use the appropriate setting for each person and apply the stimuli in the proper On a medical level, electro-stimulation is used to treat incontinence problems and headaches related to urinary abnormalities.


The sensations that are obtained are only nice and pleasant ones that the mistress can increase or decrease with the help of her hands, her words, her gestures and tone of voice.



This consists of the removal of hair from the genitals using a razor with the utmost care and softness. The first thing I do is moisten the area with soap or oil, then I masterfully slide the razor to cut the hair. Then I clean the area, apply a warm cloth, dry the area and then apply my essential oils.


With this practice I not only clean the genitals of the subject, preparing them for my subsequent treatments, while at the same time keeping them under my will.

The sensations that a person gets with the realization of this practice are domination and humiliation, the intensity of which the mistress can increase or decrease gradually using adequate vocabulary.

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