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On occasion, to train my submissives it is necessary to give them a few slaps, to make them more obedient and docile, I apply these punishments when they disobey my orders, or simply when the desire strikes me.


There is nothing like my hand to pummel them, every blow I give is like a caress on the skin.


The sensations are always pleasant, without leaving a mark, just sensations of pain, humiliation and domination that the mistress may gradually increase or decrease using the appropriate vocabulary.




Some people feel an intense pleasure through touching, caressing, pinching, or squeezing their nipples, because they are one of the most erogenous zones of the human body.


The sensations obtained by the person on whom this practice is performed will depend on the utensil used and the intensity applied and will include domination, humiliation, a lesser or greater degree of pain, pleasure, heat, cold and shivering.


Some of the tools I use include:

- My hands, as my fingers already let me caress, touch and pinch the nipples, gradually increasing or decreasing the intensity of the pain or pleasure applied.


- Clips, tightening them with more force, causing more pain and consequently more pleasure. There are different types, each provide a different sensation, there can be even with weights, to cause more pain.


- Electrodes and the violet wand that will stimulates with small and harmless shocks, causing pain and pleasure.

- Wax, which provides sensations of pain and pleasure.



This is the punishment of the penis and the testicles of an individual using my hands and tools.


Each object that is used for torture will cause unique sensations, that may be gradually increasing or decreasing depending on what you consider necessary.


The sensations that a person will experience will be pain, pleasure, domination, and humiliation.


When I do this practice I can use:

- My hands, to strike, stretch, and masturbate, transforming the pain into pleasure, because the hands are the best utensil that a mistress has, allowing you to control to perfection the intensity of pain or pleasure, that has to be applied to a given area without leaving marks.

- Ropes allow me to play with the genitals and tie and stretch testicles, wind them, put weights on the rope and other uses, as endless as the fantasies of the individual subject.

- Crops, gentle rhythmic tapping with some stronger blows causes pleasant sensations of pain.

- Presses to crush and hang from the testicles, not to feel pain, but to make you feel humiliated.

- Wax, dripped on the genitals, for adornment or for plugging holes causing pain--severe moderate or mild.

- Electrodes or the violet wand provide sensations of pain and pleasure depending on their use.


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