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Toys are an important addition to the session since they help to stimulate the most erogenous zones of the human body.

I have a large quantity of toys of all kinds; each has a specific role to play in stimulating certain parts of the human body.



It is one of my last acquisitions, it is a latex suit with vacuum effect, it provides multiple electro sensations, asphyxia, emptiness, immobilization.

The empty effect can be with air or with water.

It has the great advantage of being able to be used with a mask or without a mask.



This is the most dangerous toy that I have. It is used to play games of asphyxia, is made of  latex, and has a very narrow tube for breathing.

The sensations it provides are of pleasure, desperation and helplessness.

This toy is not recommended for people who suffer from heart or lung conditions.


I have a collection of dildos and anal plugs of all sizes, in order to be able to apply to each client the most suited  to their anatomy. Dildos help relax the sphincter and provide a great deal of pleasure when they rub against the prostate and the seminal vesicles.

They also help to gradually dilate the anus without causing any damage.

All the sensations provided are agreeable and pleasant, never in any case painful.





I have two--one for medical use and another purchased in a sex shop. The function of the two is the same-- to stimulate the pelvic muscles and the sacral nerves, to increase the blood supply, and to improve the erection. The benefits that can occur are numerous, if used appropriately. The sensations they cause are quite varied, depending on the intensity with which you use them, and the terminals used, and can be very pleasant and agreeable, or painful but without harm and without leaving marks, for those who like pain.





With my leather immobilization set, I provide sensations of deprivation of freedom, domination, humiliation, and helplessness.

I maintain their bodies exposed and defenseless, to apply my treatments or simply to play with them.





I have a large collection of whips, crops and sticks of different types and sizes that I employ to subdue my subject.

I can use them with energy and force on the less docile or to softly caress the most erogenous zones of those who need it.

Each tool transmits different sensations, always in the spectrum between pain and pleasure depending on the intensity and frequency with which I hit.




I possess multiple masks for sensory deprivation and with them I make my subject feel defenseless, depriving them of vision, hearing or even partially of breathing.

With their help I increase the level of stress and nervousness of the person who falls into my hands, in order to be able to apply whatever practices are necessary.

Thanks to my masks the subject stays more dependent on my games and my hands and during our session will feel much more intensity.



My latex mummification bag is specially designed so that it can be used with people of different sizes.

The sensations provided are stress, pleasure, defenselessness and smoothness. There is total deprivation of freedom while I maintain the nipples and genitals of the subject at my disposal, to play with them and use various techniques on them.




These stimulate the nipples and penis by removing all the air in your chosen area. The sensations that they provide are very nice and pleasant, never in any case are they painful.




I have vibrators of all kinds--for the glans, for the anus and for the testicles. They externally stimulate the perianal area, the anus, the testes and the glans. Internally they stimulate the prostate and the seminal glands helping me to locate the prostate point. They improve blood flow and therefore increase an erection. The sensations they provide are all pleasant and enjoyable.

Vibrators for the anus: I have various of all sizes, from the smallest that can’t be more than 1 cm in diameter, to the thickest which is the thicker with 8 cm in diameter. I have another inflatable one that reaches 13 cm in diameter.

Vibrators for the glans penis: I have several, but there are two which I most prefer to use in my sessions-- an electric one which is infallible and causes orgasm almost immediately and another that runs on batteries and has various heads, each providing a different feeling all of which are very pleasant and agreeable. 




This type of electro-stimulator stimulates the most erogenous zones of the body through shocks.

The sensations provided are pleasant and friendly, with a touch of pain that can be gradually increased with settings on the toy.

The violet wand also provides feeling of chills with a mixture of tingling.

Of all the toys I have, this provides the strangest sensations.


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