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For nearly all of us who like sado, we must go back to our first experience in childhood or adolescence, when at some point, we experienced a situation that we marked us deeply made our sexuality develop in this direction. That is where we have to investigate to discover absolutely all of our tendencies.


The first experience is the most important of all; you can delve into what you are experiencing for the first time, or on the contrary traumatize yourself forever. Much more so in sado, the first experience is paramount, if you find the proper guide or mistress, you'll wish to move forward each time a little more, to know more sensations and practices, until you find what you like most and adapt it to yourself.


The fundamental task of the mistress in the first meeting, that the subject will always remember, is to inform and analyze him, both physically and psychologically, this is the only way we can do a session fit for him.

When the mistress or guide does not know how to do this and is unable to make the individual feel everything that he needs to feel, the session will be a disaster, and have dire consequences for the subject who will have no desire to return to feel anything like that again. Of course, the unfortunate thing is that this will possibly deprive them of future sensations, and a world of fantasy as wonderful as sado.


In the subsequent sessions if there are any, the task of the mistress is to move the individual forward incrementally, to guide him to new experiences, always within his tendencies.

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