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I am very selective in my wardrobe and my shoes because, through her clothing a woman can transmit anything, and to me personally what I like to transmit is elegance.

Sado without glamour, without an aesthetic and without elegance, is something else.  It is still a game, in which sensations are only transmitted through the hands of the mistress, and all the visual sensations are lost.

I believe that the visual sensations are the most important, as it is the first sense by which we perceive things.

Something that aesthetically attracts us gives rise to pleasant connotations that we have in our brain, and we achieve more pleasurable sensations.



Without a garment or a sophisticated article there is no fetishism, for fetishism is the admiration and adoration of the beauty that is raised to the maximum exponent through the elegance and refinement by something which might have sexual connotations for some people and that others don’t.

A few feet or hands can be beautiful by themselves, but without well-groomed and polished nails they never will be the objects of fetish.

The same is true with footwear or clothes--it is uniquely the elegance and refinement that makes the difference in the sado aesthetic.

A shoe can be high-heeled but will not transmit anything, simply because it is not made for this--it is just another a shoe.

One must keep in mind these details to make oneself a collection of objects that will recreate the senses.

When I'm looking for an object for my collection, not just anything will do. I only choose that which is beautiful, elegant, refined, that has been made very carefully in whatever the medium.

Only when something is beautiful, elegant, refined, thought out and done with care, is it capable of transmitting these pleasant sensations through which some people acquire sexual connotations.

The glamour is the art that transmits sensations but in all aspects,--in makeup, in the care of the body, in the objects, and in the location.

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