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When the situation calls for it, I treat the client as an object, use him as a carpet, and while I have him spread out on the ground, he can clean my boots or dirty shoes, or simply have him extended so that I can put my feet in his face and support them on his cheeks like a cushion.

I often rub my feet over their genitals, sliding them gently and caressingly, and other times smacking them in order to understand who is the owner.

I show my superiority, jumping or walking on my human carpet.

I'll put the object on four legs, letting him see that he is a table or a chair and so sit on his back cover him with a tablecloth, while he remains stationary and his genitals reach the floor.

Other times I use him as a lamp, stationary and fixed in a place, standing always erect, to be switched on or off.





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