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For a dominatrix like myself there is nothing like controlling the orgasm of a submissive, showing him that the power is in my hands, keeping him excited for the longest time possible, on the brink of orgasm without culmination until the moment I decide. To perform this practice I use my toys, massage oils and especially my hands, which will make this a unique experience.


It is not enough to possess the technical knowledge, but also to get involved in the erotic game, until the maximum pleasure of the client is achieved.


When you submit to my knowledge about the art of eroticism, you realize that my hands are unique and incomparable. I have the wisdom and skill, to implement each toy at the precise moment, as well as cause orgasm.


Some of my favorite toys when it comes to carry out this practice have the function of improving blood circulation ensuring that orgasms are more intense, vibrators of all powers and sizes, vacuum pumps, clamps, weights, essential oils and massage gels for both cold and heat. Adding the heat of my hands and the skill I have in them produces an unique and unrepeatable orgasm.

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