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I considered sado as a therapy, a game that helps to satisfy the sexual life of some people.

Sado is a natural tendency in people who have great talent, who are very creative and imaginative, who need express their attitude through sex.

A person who does not have a full sexual life will be emotionally unsatisfied, and this will have repercussions in their work and family.




The mistress must be a good strategist during a session. All techniques that are performed on a person have the purpose of dominating them. Some of these practices are physical-- those that the mistress performs using her hands, and others are psychological such as pressures and dependencies.

The practices that the mistress performs using her hands, cause sensations of pain, pleasure, domination and humiliation.

The pressures and the dependencies create the addiction of the subject to the game, and provoke feelings of domination, humiliation and frustration.





The mistress has a job as a teacher, to teach her subject unique aspects of their sexuality that they have not yet managed to find. This happens with the passage of time and the continuity of the sessions. The mistress studies the body of the submissive, its more erogenous zones, and makes an assessment of the stimuli that they need, in a particular area so they can reach orgasm. She also appreciates when to stop, and which places are erogenous zones at one moment and when that moment has passed and the area ceases to be erogenous for that person. 

When the mistress has made an assessment of the body and the stimuli, as well as what the person needs to reach orgasm, she can advise the client as to the trends and practices that you may advise that trends and practices that are suitable and which are not. 

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