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For me, the word "sadomasochism" is equivalent to fantasy or sexual play. Delving into sadomasochism, is to enter into the fantasy that every one has and to the extent possible make it a reality,. For me "sadomasochism", is in no way equivalent to pain, for me it is equivalent to fantasy and games, which each of us has in our imagination and takes with us to develop our sexuality.


The role of the mistresses in this world of fantasy is the guide to the person that enters the game and to turn your fantasy into reality.


My sessions for beginners are always conducted with the utmost care and caution, so as not to cause any physical or mental harm. I mention the latter because it is far worse than the physical damage, which ends up healing, while psychological damage will cause that person to have fears and abandon these games temporarily or forever.


The first thing I do with the beginner is to analyze their tendencies with everything that I offer, and from what attracts them and what doesn’t we develop the session.

I need to clarify certain points:

- The pain that is practiced in sadomasochism, tends to be a pretend pain, which arouses more pleasure than physical pain.

- Everything I do in a session is always at the request of the subject—I never do something that has not been previously agreed upon, and in all cases, once the game has started, if I start to do something and the person in question doesn't like it, they can tell me and I will immediately stop and do something else.

- Medical Sado is not only needles, injections, probes and colonic irrigation. Medical Sado  includes a wide variety of arousing and very pleasant games, that may have nothing to do with any of the aforementioned although these practices may also be part of the game.

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