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Medical sado is a variant of sado toward which I feel a special inclination due to my training and experience. To perform this practice it is necessary to have some knowledge, because if not, the game could become a real disaster for the subject.


It entails the highest level of risk and danger and if the mistress does not have sufficient preparation, or if it is not performed with the proper sterile techniques.


It is a role-play game, which begins with a medical examination, while respecting the limits and desires of the patient.


The treatments that can be applied are various--from a simple massage and prostate milking combined with a massage of the glans, to being shaved, injections, needles, anal probes, colonic irrigations, bladder cleaning, anal and urethral dilatations, vibrations, electro-stimulation, orgasm control, and a wide variety of games and combinations of equipment and medical materials.


My metal and glass instruments are sterilized in a Pasteur oven at a temperature of 120 ºC for three hours for metal, and an hour at 170 ºC for glass thereby eliminating any type of living organism.


I also use chemical agents in order to disinfect all my instruments, toys and furniture that cannot be sterilized in the Pasteur oven.  These disinfectants are highly effective against the proliferation of bacteria and spores. Furthermore, to ensure complete hygiene, I always place a condom on any toy before using it with a patient.


The rest of the equipment used is new and disposable.

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