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It can be very exciting to hide the face of the subject and I usually do so with masks.


The masks also serve to completely or partially deny any or all of the senses of the person who submits. I have a great variety of masks, of different types and sizes, masks of sensory deprivation, gas, leather, latex, cotton, vinyl, etc.


I use some to control their breathing, in choking games, making them more morbid and exciting.




Sensory deprivation is to deprive a person of any or all of their senses through special masks, gags, blindfolds and some immobilizing mechanisms.


Defenselessness and disorientation are the two main sensations that are obtained when performing this practice; the mistress will increase or decrease their intensity using her hands.


The loss of vision and hearing makes the person concentrate more and this makes the feelings more intense for all the sensations caused during the meeting.

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