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To achieve this type of ejaculation, one must intensely stimulate the genitals of the individual, with caresses and vibrations on the prostate and seminal glands if his physical constitution allows, with a finger or more, or even with one kind or another of dildo while simultaneously massaging the penis and testicles.


It is a complex practice, the anus being so delicate and sensitive an organ that if one has not used the proper lubricants, an effect contrary to what is intended--an unpleasant sensation rather than pleasant—will be produced.


If, on the other hand, the practice is done well, pacing the timing of the massages in the anus and lubricating properly, one can achieve that drop-by-drop ejaculation--the result of having extended the orgasm and of having provoked the client to extreme arousal.

It goes without saying that the sensations that occur with this practice are domination, humiliation, and if it is done well, a pleasurable end.



Apart from being exciting, stroking and playing with the glans can cause not only pleasant and enjoyable sensations but also painful and frightening ones, if the person who performs this practice really knows what they are doing and to which area of the glans they do it.

To cause the whole scale of sensations from lesser to greater pleasure, pain, or chills, I have mainly my knowledge and my hands with the help of my oils and ointments to enhance the erection and give softness, heat, cold or vigor.

Also some of my toys, whips and needles are of great utility in enhancing the sensations of this practice.

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