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This consists of dilating the well-lubricated anus of the patient little by little.


I begin with a finger making a digital rectal exam to feel the prostate gland and the seminal glands, and if I observe that the sphincters dilate well, I continue with my fingers until I can  put my fist in his anus.


If the anal sphincters do not dilate enough, I begin the process of dilation little by little, using my fingers or my harness with dildos of different sizes, then introducing an anal plug, until I am able to enter with my fist, or at least that the anus has dilated more than at the beginning of the meeting.


The sensations are those of domination, humiliation and a great pleasure when the prostate point is located.


The mistress increases or decreases the sensations obtained in the meeting primarily with her hands.



Some men feel great pleasure in being anally penetrated due to the point of greatest pleasure in men is the so-called “prostate point” in the prostate.

With the proper stimulation of the prostate, the mistress will ensure that the individual achieves a very intense orgasm or that he ejaculates without orgasm.


The two practices are very difficult and should not be taken lightly, especially when using large toys, which can cause tearing when you submit the intestine too much pressure.

One can also cause fainting or sweats, where penetration is very deep and very thick with objects, since in certain positions it can touch sensitive areas of the body.

One must know how to touch in order to cause the maximum pleasure without causing any harm and especially know how to apply the appropriate object to each person.


I often begin with my fingers, massaging the anus in order to relax the sphincter, and thus facilitate penetration. Then I use my fingers to soothingly massage the prostate and the seminal vesicles and continue with objects and vibrators as deemed appropriate. I have of a range of sizes from the smallest that measures 4 cm long by 2 cm wide,  to the largest of 36 cm long by 8 cm wide.


Some men don't feel any type of anal pleasure for several possible reasons, one of them is that the anus is ready to release but not to receive and relaxing the sphincter and accustoming the anus to the introduction of any objects takes effort. Another reason is that they have not been with the appropriate person who knows how to stimulate. If someone has introduced something that has caused them pain or unpleasantness, that is why his reaction is negative. People with these experiences can be prepared through external anal massage with a good lubricant, in order to cause the maximum possible pleasure and once excited they will allow the initial introduction of a finger or of something that is very small and thin.

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