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In addition to the role-playing games referred to in the preceding sections, I can implement any role-playing game for the individual, to make your fantasy reality.

All RPG games can be fun, it is important to know how to stage them in order to bring the subject to climax.

According to the fantasy that the person in question has, it may be necessary to represent one role-playing game or another.

When it comes to staging a fantasy, any situation and time are valid, only an imagination is needed.

Listed below are some of the more fun role-playing games that I have had the pleasure of performing:

- Genital Examiner in which I wear rubber dishwashing gloves, rubber boots and a latex apron.

 - Prison Officer, where I interrogate the submissive prisoner and punish him for his misconduct.

- Scientist in a spacecraft, thoroughly examining the submissive creature I have discovered aboard my ship.

- Angel who discerns whether the soul of the submissive should go to heaven, to hell or to purgatory.

- Nun, exploring the toy found left at the doors of the convent, but in the end saving it for my own purposes.

- Unhappy Housewife who has endured the unbearable until one day she rebels against her abusive husband and decides to make him her submissive and forces him to do the household chores and punishes him when she sees fit.

- Employee of a concentration camp, who experiments with the subject until he is converted into a doll.

- Professor in the eighteenth century, in Transylvania where a strange creature comes to class and for the benefit of humanity, I decide to explore it to make sure it is not a vampire.

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