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This is one of the most frequent practices that I carry out either on the massage couch or in my gynecologist’s chair.


The first thing I do is slip on latex gloves, lubricate my finger with an aqueous gel for medical use, and insert it in the anus of the patient, making the corresponding digital rectal examination until I find the prostate gland, which is located behind the bladder and is usually the size of a walnut in a normal man.


Second, I begin giving a light massage to the prostate using lubrication and only with my mastery and my wise experience will have the client have an opportunity to experience the full accumulation of incredible sensations he has ever had.  If the massage is done properly seminal fluid will begin to be released, and if the massage continues correctly, the patient can ejaculate a jet of semen without having the feeling of having reached orgasm. At this point if we continue with the massage accompanied by another in the glans, the patient will get a much more intense and pleasurable orgasm than a normal orgasm.


To increase the pleasure of the experience, I can add vibrators that are used in the anus or on the glans of the penis.


Depending on the person and his physical constitution, I can use one, two, three, four or five fingers to make it more pleasant.

Performing this practice is advisable for the health because it can prevent the inflammation in the prostate.


It is medically recommended to prevent prostate cancer in two ways: first, massaging the gland helps prevent and control its growth, and second the release of seminal fluid also releases bacteria, preventing their accumulation in the prostate.

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