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I consider the hands to be a very important part of our body and as such they must be well cared for with beautiful, manicured nails as they transmit a person’s character.

A woman always will look more beautiful if her hands are well cared for.

The hands always shine more with beautiful, painted nails—something to which I dedicate a lot of time.

I love all the colors, especially if they are strong and provocative, but one of my favorites is red and its different shades.

As with everything, I only use high-quality polishes that beautify my nails.

Hand accessories are also important to transmit elegance, refinement and sensuality.

I am very selective when it comes to choosing my accessories; I only look for elegant pieces that are capable of conveying sensations.



Another important part of a woman’s body are her feet which must be smooth with beautiful, well cared for nails so as to provoke desires and feelings.


I always have my feet well cared for, with painted nails—sometimes with colors, sometimes natural.

A mistress can convey with her feet, depending on the footwear, the context and form in which she may use them, sensations of pleasure, pain, excitation, humiliation, domination, eroticism and sensuality.

One must never forget that the feet are one of the most erogenous zones of the human body and therefore one of the most sensual.

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