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This consists of introducing fluid into the intestine through the anus. The temperature of the liquid has to never exceed 41 °C, as it can injure the intestinal mucosa and it is recommended that the temperature fluctuates between 37 and 40 ºC. I often place the client on the bed lying on his left side with his knees bent. Other times I place him in the gynecologist’s chair.


This has great health benefits--cleaning the rectum and large intestine thereby preventing the occurrence of colon cancer, the cure or prevention of hemorrhoids, and purifying the liver.

There are different types that can include water, physiological saline, chamomile tea, coffee, soapy water, glycerin, etc.  each of which has a different effect on the body.


When I apply water, I do so through a tube and disposable nozzle. When I apply physiological saline, all the material is disposable, guaranteeing the highest level of hygiene for the patient and avoiding any risk of contagion.

The sensations of pain and pleasure will vary the intensity controlled by the mistress through the amount and type of fluid used, the duration of retention, and the pressure.

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