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When I speak of forced homosexuality in my sessions, I do so in the figurative sense that what often occurs in reality among other reasons because no one can be forced. All acts are voluntary and consensual.


Of course it is very arousing for a woman to see two or three men interacting with each other.

This type of session is usually extremely complex, despite its apparent simplicity. Between the individuals who come voluntarily to the meeting, although they have never met, there has to be some attraction or feeling. When this does not happen, the mistress has to be responsible for creating and enabling the environment, so that they can have these relations, or strategically knowing how to choose the right people to bring the session to a productive end.


These sessions are always conducted at the request of the individual, I publish a notice in EVENTOS several days in advance, and interested readers, ask me for information on how to participate and I do the selection.              


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