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Fetishism is a cult of certain objects, materials, and substances that on occasion can be substituted for parts of the human body to an end of desire and sexual excitation.

Currently fetishism is very in fashion and many of us openly recognize our fetishes.

Although they have two totally distinct ends, fetishism cannot be separated from eroticism for every fetish object has en enormous erotic charge.

A pair of very high heels has a great sexual connotation just as do stiletto-heeled boots even if there is no foot inside them.

Fetishism goes beyond eroticism to include practices, objects and specific situations that augment a person’s excitement something that depends of the tastes of each individual.

In eroticism, the person is excited only when he or she sees the object of desire without further transcendence.

There are various types of fetishes, which I classify as follows:

  • Objects: which could be a lipstick, fingernail polish, high-heeled shoes, stiletto boots, a whip, handcuffs, underwear

  • Specific materials such as: latex, leather and plastic

  • Parts of the body such as: the chest, hair, the buttocks, the mouth

  • Bodily fluids such as: saliva, sweat, semen, urine, etc.

  • Physical violence, verbal abuse, music, etc.



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