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The realization of sexual fantasies, gives rise to having a more satisfactory physical and mental life.


I think that we all have fantasies, although some more than others. For me, no fantasy is ridiculous or absurd, all have their degree of complexity and are achievable to a greater or lesser extent--you only need to set the fantasy to the physical conditions of the individual, while respecting their wishes.



All sexual fantasies can be realized to a greater or lesser extent, depending on their degree of complexity.


Individually, implementing these fantasies can improve our sex life, our behavior and our attitude in general toward others, although sometimes we fail to recognize that sex is of vital importance in our lives. If we are sexually satisfied, so we will be mentally.


The mistress is the person in charge of realizing those fantasies, adjusting them to the individual, after having analyzed physically and psychologically, avoiding causing any harm.


Or expressed another way, the mistress has to be the one who empowers the imagination of the individual, not the one who destroys it. 





If individual fantasies are important, equally or even more important are the fantasies of a couple and the realization of these can help to improve the sex life of the two individuals and of the couple.



These fantasies are more difficult to carry out, because one must cater to the tastes of both--assuming that both are in agreement and both have fantasies. Performing these fantasies is more important than satisfying our own, as it will help us to better understand our partner, and we will be more respectful of their tastes and trends that we can share, perform, or observe.



It is good to find a mistress or a guide to help us realize those fantasies, or who helps us to understand our partner. Without these games or fantasies our sex life would be incomplete and dissatisfied and this would have a negative impact on the couple.

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