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Another of my favorite games is the taming of animals. I love to train and educate them so that they can fully develop all of their abilities while under my supervision.

I train my dogs, making them walk on four legs and lick everything that I put in front of them and when they don't do their job well enough I punish them with a few blows to the testicles. I throw their food on the ground or put it in a dog bowl. I force them to drink water as animals that they are. While I have them on all fours, I mount them when the occasion requires, making them bark, on other occasions I spank their buttocks energetically, so that they think about their mistakes and don’t commit them again. I also love to punish them while the I have on four legs by touching their genitals, freely exciting them but without allowing them to achieve orgasm.

When the occasion arises, I break in my colts, with flogging and whipping, preparing them to pull me and my chair--I love to show off my best stallions.

I show them my domain with my art and my hands, squeezing their genitals, to harden them and thus boast well of them.


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