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I love to buy bracelets and rings—I like jewelry that is refined, creative, and carried out with art, not just anything will do. Only on rare occasions will I wear costume jewelry.

I am very selective in my purchases, and I believe that accessories help extol feminine beauty, and to convey sensation. All this is accentuated on the hands of a dominatrix, for the hands are the element that is most often used.

I buy rings with large gems, which increase the beauty of my hands, and large bracelets that convey power, pleasure and greatness, because at the end of the day all sado is glamour and magic, and that is what the jewels transmit, when they are well chosen.



I am very selective in all my accessories, I never repeat-- I like to be fresh and stylish.

I employ hours choosing earrings, necklaces and pendants. I always try to have them make a full matching set with my clothing.

I believe that jewelry enhances feminine beauty, at the same time providing a touch of elegance and distinction.

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