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Boots are a stimulant for the sexual appetite of many men as much with the foot inside as when they are alone.

The person who has a boot fetish can be excited by seeing them, smelling them, having them rubbed on their genitals, by feeling stepped on by the heel, by kissing them or cleaning them, and will satisfy their sexuality thanks to this fetish giving them more importance tan to the person wearing them.

A pair of boots has clear potential as a signal of power.







A pair of stiletto-heeled shoes has a clear sexual connotation even if there are no feet inside.

This fetishist trend also begins in childhood and develops with the person who carries it with them during their entire lives.

The fetish for high heels is the most frequent in both men and women due to the esthetic—given that a woman´s shoe is much more beautiful than a man’s.

The most frequent practices that one can use shoes for are for masturbation, stepping on genitals, putting the heels in the vagina or the anus, licking the shoe or any part of it, stepping or climbing on someone with shoes on, stepping on food and requiring someone to ejaculate on the shoes. 

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