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I often apply needles to the nipples, in the buttocks and in the skin of the penis. I have several sizes and types causing more or less pain depending on the area in which they are placed and of the class and thickness of the needle used.

Some do not produce even any type of pain, only a strange and pleasant sensation if you know how to place them in the area and at the right time.

The sensations can vary from chills, pain, pleasure, tingling, etc.

In terms of my injections that I apply to the buttocks and arms, these can be of physiological saline, distilled water, vitamins, or some Voltaren.

Depending on the liquid and the needle used, the injection will be more or less painful, or even not hurt absolutely at all.

I can add more morbidity to the game by performing slight blood removal or by injecting serum into the vein without causing any damage and without leaving any marks or bruise.

The feelings derived from this practice vary from pain and pleasure, the intensity controlled by the mistress with the thickness of the needle used, the placement, the zone, and the liquid injected.

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