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I can exhaust my subjects with numerous orgasms during the session using my techniques, one of which consists of massaging the penis with one hand while massaging the prostrate and seminal vesicles with the other until he reaches orgasm—when I prevent him from ejaculating. I don’t let him rest, however, I continue masturbating him as many times as I think necessary causing him to have several small orgasms without achieving one long one.


Another of my techniques involves massaging only the penis, groin, perineum and anus and pressing the right place when ejaculating to cut the orgasm short. I do not let the client rest and will repeat this operation as many times as necessary, until he is exhausted and out of breath.


With these exercises I am able to gradually increase a client’s sexual resistance given that when you delete the refractory period during the game, mentally I stimulate him so that the feeling of tiredness progressively disappears and after having had an intense orgasm, I continue to encourage him to stay excited longer.

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