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This consists in leaving the individual stationary, by means of plastic, latex, or bandages. Once mummified, you can control the orgasms, apply any charges with electrodes, suck his penis with a vacuum pump, or administer a colonic irrigation.


I most frequently carry this out on my mummifying table, but I can also do it in a bondage bed or a sawhorse.


Depending on the material you use, the feeling can be more or less overwhelming and ultimately enjoyable.


I often immobilize a client from head to toe using plastic and the feelings of helplessness and depression are extreme for the subject—they even begin to sweat, due to the heat that the plastic produces, to excitement and sometimes to nervousness. Once fully wrapped in plastic I can continue wrapping the body of the submissive with electrical tape. The feeling of helplessness is extreme, leaving his body exposed to the will of the mistress. This practice requires a prior mental preparation for the submissive and full confidence in the mistress.


Mummification with bandages is the softest. Here what the person feels is simply a deprivation of liberty, as they cannot move their limbs, the sense of being overwhelmed is still great, but less than in the case of mummification with plastic, here the person does not usually sweat.


Mummification with latex employs a mummifying sack, designed to be used with persons of different sizes, In this case, the sense of being overwhelmed and helpless is also very large, but somewhat less intense than with plastic. The person may begin to sweat. The sensation of having the body wrapped in latex is very nice.


Similar to mummification is vacuum packaging of the submissive that takes place in a vacuum bed. All of the air is removed by means of a vacuum cleaner while the submissive stays inside leaving his body motionless and relying solely on a narrow tube for breathing, I have to say that this practice is the most extreme of all, the pressure and the sense of being overwhelmed that the person feels is very strong, and this is the practice that requires the greatest mental concentration and confidence in the mistress.



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