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If it is important to capture the psychology of the individual in order to develop a session, it is even more important to have empathy through which to know the limits of the client.


Only if the mistress is able to visualize herself in the position of the client will she be able to take him to his limits without causing him any harm.


To develop this ability, the mistress must have a unique sensitivity to the feelings of others.


For me a mistress who submits herself in order not to forget what a person may feel when in the hands of another, is not a mistress--she has to have that sensitivity naturally, without the need to submit.




I perform all kinds of sadomasochistic practices. I am not specialized in a particular practice –I am specialized in everything because I believe that a mistress must dominate absolutely all the techniques whether they are sado or medical.


While it is true that not all practices involve risk, a vast majority of them do and to be able to carry out a session correctly, one must have knowledge of the human body, and not just when performing a medical.


To take an individual to his limit, the mistress has to have empathy with the person who submits, and moreover some minimum knowledge of human anatomy to help her determine his physical limits, as sometimes intuition is not enough.

A mistress has to be well prepared to perform for all kinds of sado.




A relationship is created between the submissive and the mistress based on confidentiality. The client will tell the mistress his most intimate secrets that he has never told to anyone not even his partner so that she can satisfy his sexuality.

The continuity of the session and above all the manner of the mistress will create this level of trust between the submissive and the mistress.

The mistress has always to be educated and never despotic in the dealings with the client, although during the game that is something else.

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