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This consists of introducing a series of metal rods into the urethra, from a smaller to a greater thickness to dilate it. The purpose is to treat urethral stricture, i.e. the narrowing of the urethra and thus facilitate the flow of urine and semen.

On occasion it is used to prepare the patient’s urethra before introducing a catheter.

The sensations that the dilation rod causes are very diverse-- pleasure, heat, cold, chills if accompanied by an electrode or simply that the urethra is full. At no time are they painful or uncomfortable.  The mistress graduates the sensations obtained with the thickness of rod.

The rod is inserted into the urinary meatus of a previously disinfected glans and lubricated conduit and slipped in until the base of the penis is reached.

There are several types of dilating rods each causing different sensations. It is worth mentioning the Rosebud or the Van Buren, although I currently have the Hegar, which is the most widely used and more conventional model that exists on the market.

To perform this practice different types of urethral plugs can also be used, like the rods each one giving different sensations, currently I have the Lepto plug--a series of pearls of steel that gradually increase in thickness, providing new and different sensations, surpassing the limits of pleasure with a mixture of pain.

I also have the Sim probe -- a rod recommended for beginners, as their thickness is only 3mm.

It is essential that the rods are sterilized before being used. I do it in the oven of Pasteur.


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